FRISK Passive Reconnaissance

This will only be conducted with your explicit permission and the service is only conducted with a non-disclosure agreement.  There are two types of an investigation conducted.

Public Reconnaissance

This process will highlight any information pertaining to your company that is publicly accessible. This will include a process called URL investigation, this is the process of understanding the syntax but altering the parameters in a URL to establish if a private address is indeed private.

Passive Reconnaissance

This process will investigate any possible vulnerabilities on your domain, testing the software being used against our database to establish whether you are on the latest version. We will test any publicly found email address against a list of known breached platforms.

The report is simply laid out in a triage format;

FRISK Passive Reconnaissance

Red Triage

A red shield indicates issues or vulnerability that requires your urgent attention


Amber Triage

An Amber shield indicates issues that may require your attention soon


Red Triage

A green shield highlighting that everything appears to be in order

Red and Amber issues will also highlight what regulations this issue may be non-compliant with and we will also advise who should be contacted and, any remediation required.

The idea of this report is to ascertain the overall security of your online footprint and infrastructure on the basis that ignorance isn’t bliss and knowledge is power, and with this report, you have the power to correct potentially unknown issues, which may help you sleep better at night.

FRISK Passive Reconnaissance

Red Triage

Once you have addressed the RED issues we will then test just those issue to ensure that the vulnerabilities have been patched.

(Much like an MOT re-test)