Is there a cyber version of the CPO?

(Crime Prevention Officer)


There is no security through obscurity


Don't understand it?  It is still your fault.


It is better to prepare than repair.

Establish the facts

You need a CPO (Cyberattack Prevention Officer) to investigate and advise on the state of your infrastructure.  Bear in mind that the only network that is totally secure is one that has no access at all.  Security is never absolute.

You don't need to freeze

You cannot have a policy of standing still in the hope that you won't be targeted.  Your details have already been found, by Google, or by Bing.  They are just the good guys! Don't be passive, take action and be on the front foot.

Don't fear the unknown

GDPR has brought the management of your information into focus.  If you don't understand how a car works, you use a trusted mechanic.  Let us be your trusted advisor to do your online exposure assessment.

Fight back

Instead of waiting, watching and hoping, gain knowledge about your online footprint.  Knowledge is power.  Being proactive is always better than being reactive.  Get the knowledge and have the power to stay secure.

FRISK is a mix of artificial & real intelligence to establish how secure your online footprint is, including domains, web pages, documents, and email addresses.


FRISK is only for those business owners who cannot afford a full-time security professional but understand that they are still responsible for everything that happens in their business.

Get your online footprint checked for any vulnerabilities and threats to your data, network and intellectual property with a FRISK and show that you can protect your environment without employing a Chief Information Security Officer and, demonstrate to your clients that your part of the supply chain is secure.

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Open Source Intelligence

We will highlight any information pertaining to your company that is publicly accessible.  This will include pages, emails, and documents. 

"Previously we've found publicly accessible source code, illegal downloads from corporate networks and hacked social media accounts."

URL Investigation

This is the process of understanding the syntax but altering the parameters in a URL to establish if private data remains private.

"We found protected brochures, 'secure' customer videos and a hi-jacked staging site".

Passive Reconnaissance

We will seek to understand the online software and platforms being used and will investigate and report any vulnerabilities

"We found GDPR governed data being used outside the EU, customer data on a server that was 7 years old and out of date corporate firewall security".

You MOT your car, why not your online footprint?








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