Edward James Associates Trading as Tickling Trout


Who is Edward James Associates Ltd?

edward-james-associates-ltdAt 18 years of age Edward James Newlyn arrived in the UK in 1934 from San Francisco temporarily to visit his sick Uncle, however his family decided to stay and started to build a life in Woking, Surrey.

As a 6′ 1′ blonde with a ‘can do’ attitude, he used to deliver for Liptons, but throughout his rounds, he supplemented his deals by trading whatever he could, chickens, magpies, fruit, anything that made a profit.

He joined the British Army and served his time in the Middle East and just before the end of the war he was married to Gladys Lillian Mary Kurn.

His chosen career was insurance and it wasn’t long before he took over from his Father as Divisional Manager for United Friendly Insurance. Not content with that he set up his own business as he preferred to work for himself.

To Eddie, every day was ‘an opportunity’ and although he was a keen (and successful) entrepreneur he always had a strong philosophy of ‘doing the right thing’. This meant that customers and suppliers were treated the same. This usually paid dividends as customers loved him and suppliers fell over themselves to provide a good service because they were treated with respect. He also loved and embraced new technology.

Always a source of inspiration and encouragement he carried his philosophy through his private life and, together with Gladys, brought up three children and seven grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren.

Although his passing in 1998 left a hole in everyone’s life when his youngest son Jon decided to create a company, his wife Sandy suggested using his name, so Edward James Associates Ltd was formed in 2003 (Company No 4658047).

Since then Eddies’ wife Glad has been a source of encouragement and not afraid to give sensible, pragmatic advice.

Mum passed in 2010, but we still see every day as an opportunity and we have looked to adopt not only his name but both their philosophies as well.

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