About Tickling Trout®

The members of Tickling Trout provide a good mix of skill, experience and enthusiasm to ensure the customer receives the highest level of service and most importantly, value for money.  Anyone who has had experience in either department will understand the conflict that sometimes happens between Marketing and Sales, that Marketing doesn’t understand Sales and vice-versa.


Marketing, when done properly should make the cold call obsolete

The unique approach from Tickling Trout means that we have sales people delivering marketing services, which means we have a clear, concise understanding of what the Marketing department wants to deliver and what the Sales team expects.

Tickling Trout brings over half a century of sales experience into marketing and our results show the benefit of that.

We are sales people who are providing marketing services that we would like, as sales people, to receive.
Tickling Trout was born after it was realised that despite advances in technology, it is only that, technology. The intelligent application of the technology is the key critical factor to success.